Matches Soon to Expire

This is a list of matches that will soon expire and be subject to forfeiture to both players. Items will be listed if they are at least 10 days behind schedule. If a match is not played within 3 weeks of the time it was scheduled, both participants will be given a forfeit unless a specific reschedule date is provided. If a match is past 3 weeks but the participants have given a reasonable and firm reschedule date, then the match will not be forfeited unless the match is not completed by the reschedule date. Hover your pointer over the icon to see additional information about the match. Send the reschedule date to  Contact Denny Reasner if you have questions.

After a match has been forfeited, the score cannot be entered, even if the match is later completed. If you have made an effort to play a scheduled match but your partner is unwilling or unable to play, then it is up to you to post a forfeit via the website with you as the winner before the match is 3 weeks past due.

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Player 1 Player 2 League Group Sched Date Days Late ReSchedule Info